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Apple’s ENIGMA Machine

A NAZI Enigma Machine

A NAZI Enigma Machine

The FBI and the Justice Department are doing their God’s honest best to compel Apple to do a carte blanche breach of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5, and Apple is refusing to comply with the warrant.

This is a good thing on Apple’s part.

But here’s a curious assertion about this critical case where battling terrorism clashes with upholding personal security and privacy. Former national security official Richard Clarke claimed on NPR this morning that the FBI could have cracked the terrorist’s iPhone by simply calling up the National Security Agency at Fort Meade and have them break the encryption; that the FBI fucked up with their initial attempts because the data could have been in the iCloud, which Apple can access. Clarke said the FBI, led by its crusading director James Comey, knows that the NSA could provide the solution for this case (i.e. crack Apple’s encryption), but that’s not what the FBI want.

What the FBI wants is to establish the legal precedence that these massive and extra-powerful tech companies will bend the knee to the U.S. government, to set the stage that tech companies are not above the reach of law enforcement… whether national security is at stake or not!

There’s not enough being discussed about this actual rational to the Apple iPhone Warrant case, particularly, in the wake of the Snowden revelations concerning the NSA illegally spying on citizens in the US and around the globe.

The problem with the FBI’s desire is that if Apple bows to its pressure, then China and Russia and North Korea and Pakistan and Iran will all then have the ammunition to force Apple to comply to create this specific code-breaking iOS for iPhones of suspect people in their countries too. If not those governments (and others) might ban the sale of the iPhone within their borders. One of the reasons why Research in Motion‘s Blackberry is a footnote in the rise of smartphones is that it had touted a super-strong encryption service for governments and other paranoid outfits that Apple and Android phones couldn’t provide. This gave RIM a monopoly in the government mobile phone provider service contracts. Unfortunately, RIM rested on that laurel and didn’t react quickly enough to consumers’s ardent desire to have the most friendly user-interface possible. So once Apple proved to the US government its iOS encryption rivaled (or surpassed) Blackberry’s and then it was accepted, the penultimate chapter to RIM/Blackberry was immediately written.

If Apple doesn’t have this competitive advantage, not only will governments give it the kiss of death when it comes to government contracts, but also consumers.  In addition, if the FBI gets Apple to roll over, it will have the legal precedent get to Google to make the same concessions with its Android OS. The wake of this revelation it’s no surprise that Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp plan to increase encryption for their users.

See many people in the US love that part of our ethos as a nation is to have the right to say, “fuck you” to The Man with impunity. This is why most people believe Apple should stick to its guns… plus it’s too soon since the Snowden Leak for Americans (and Germans) to feel comfortable giving up more privacy to the US Government.

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Polling Efficacy

Hilliary Clinton must be throwing bricks at her campaign staff today after losing Michigan, when the polling data said she had it in the bag. 

What does this mean about the validity of political polling in this election cycle unlike any imagined, save for in comic books, political satire, and science fiction tales. 

Clinton must call into question all of the polling data moving forward, and so should Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP assclowns.

To remove such a relied upon method of shaping own’s political message, spinning scandal, and gauging potential policies is going to cause of general reappraisal of how politics is carried out. 

Clarence Thomas’ Master Died?

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

Ever since his smarmy-ass was confirmed, I been counting down the days with Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia would fucking die (or at least step the hell down). And finally that day has come. Appointed by the Great Satan himself, Ronald Reagan, Scalia has been sitting on the highest bench in America since 1986 – 30 fucking years of shitting down the throat of the progressive and liberal desires of the American people. All is some twisted belief, as an originalist and textualist, that he knew how to interpret the Constitution of the United States better than most. Nothing was more laughable, and nothing has been more depressing because this chump has been on the bench. Reagan had this fuck up on the court appeals prior to boosting his status… to the detriment of the nation of the past 30 years.

Democracy-crippling decisions like Citizens United are part of Scalia’s scurrilous legacy. Yet his most heinous crime was siding with the bastards that handing George W. Bush the 2000 election… Dubya Bush’s presidency will be recognized as the worst ever because he snookered the American public into believing there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and instigating the invasion of Iraq… which effectively destroyed the state, gave rise to ISIS, burned what could in all likelihood be over $1 trillion dollars, cost far too many lives of the US soldiers, and the Iraqi and Syrian people.

Scalia’s most recent outburst of showing the pink of ass was claiming that black students should be in slower/lower track schools, because they can’t hang academically with their white (and other people of color) counterparts. Scalia was the prime opponent of any kind of affirmative action cases or laws that sought to give minorities a special classification (considering that Blacks, primarily, and other people of color have been historically and currently treated like shit you’d wipe off your shoe by people and institutions within the United States since slavery ended; slavery, itself, was a heinous crime that can’t be compensated for… but the country should never stop trying).

The current Senate Majority Leader, windbag with a turkey neck extraordinaire, Mitch McConnell from backwater state Tennessee, has boldly pronounced that President Barak Hussein Obama has no business attempting to fill Scalia’s vacant seat on the Supreme Court; that he’s trying to upset the presidential election coming in November. What about actually doing his presidential duty, Mitch? Ya fuck!

McConnell is invoking the informal Thurman Rule, in which it’s good manner for the president not to nominate a Supreme Court justice in the final six months of his term. There are at least four things wrong with this bitch-ass statement. 1) it’s the presidents right and duty PER THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION; and a Goddamn originalist and textualist like Scalia would no doubt say if it was Republican, right-wing assclown in the Oval Office that the Thurman Rule doesn’t apply as it stifles the known and sworn to uphold duties proscribed in the valued U.S. Constitution. 2) The Thurman Rule gets its name from a racist son of a bitch dead Senator Strom Thurman from South Carolina… that bastion of civil rights, that cauldron of bullshit when it comes to flying the Confederate flag on its state house until 2015!!! Over 150 years since that traitorous bastards in the Confederacy got their asses handed to them and had to suck Yankee dick. 3) Fuck, Mitch McConnell! He himself dismissed the Thurman Rule. Ultra-funny comedian/commentator John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight showed video of McConnell.

And 4) these Bitch-ass Republicans have been doing everything they can to shutdown any and all actions taken by President Obama since he was sworn into office in January 2009.

The Presidential Election is going to reach new heights of reality show-inspired theater for the next nine months.

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Your Crib Ain’t Shit Anyway; The Anti-Ni99er Machine, Part 3 of a Series

Are you part of the 1%? Of course you’re not, otherwise why would you be reading this.

In America, wealth is generated by and large through real estate for the vast majority of working stiffs. It’s no secret that buying a house will be the biggest purchase one will ever make… Unless you’re a member of the 1%.

But owning a house isn’t nearly as important as where you own your crib. You own one in Dayton, OH or West Memphis, TN you might as well be throwing your money away because those metropolitan areas are where no one really wants to be. Hence the property ain’t really worth a good Goddamn.

A recent column in the NYTimes Op-Ed section detailed a study on housing discrimination against African-Americans is as pernicious as it has always been.

This perhaps is fucking news because our country is still quiet segregated… Primarily for ni99as though.

Asian immigrants get off the boats work hard and find a way to buy a house and it can pretty much be where the fuck they want it to be.

Not so for ni99as… Who have been hear for 400 years.

Ni99as may not be denied loans anymore, but they are saddled with shitty loans with higher interest rates and quicker punishing penalties for slipping on a payment. At first you might say, “Ni99a should have missed a payment.” And while this is true, consider that the ANM discounts Black wages by about 30% (aka The Ni99er Factor [1]), so the same $350,000 house that a white family with the same jobs can afford, the ni99a family not only has less money to spend on anything and everything, the ni99a’s loan payments are higher because of the shitty mortgage they have.

That’s the money the ni99a should be investing, but that discrepancy is a foot on the neck of said ni99a, and that ain’t cool.

Consider this, too, public schools are paid for by real estate taxes… Which are based on property values. As Dark Town has higher rates of foreclosure – which brings down the property value of ALL houses in the neighborhood, what do you think happens to the revenue that would go to funding the public school system?

It get slashed!!!

So education in the ni99a neighborhood can’t be competitive for teachers or for curriculum. Thus, undereducating the nigga youth (aka the children of our future).

And now you see another example of the Anti-Ni99er Machine operating full tilt.

The Problem with Keeping It Real, Part 1 of a series

What are those heels doing to that hood’s paint job?

And was that bag a necessary purchase or a bonus gift for buying the car? And what other race/ethnicity is actually sporting it?

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What Whites Don’t Get About Whiteness in America

Many people of color are constantly trying to get white people to empathize with what it means to be on the wrong side of the White Supremacy power structure (and by that I don’t mean KKK or neo-Nazi types).

White people weren’t lynched for the fun of it or for reasons as irrational as a Black man happened to look too long at a White woman or didn’t get out of the way fast enough when White people walked by or didn’t sell their land as chicken shit prices.

Look at the post-lynching photo below.

Look at the cross-section of whites in attendance, and look at the expressions on their faces. Some people are smiling; smiling for the camera when (or rather because) two ni99ers are dead.

There are some youth at the scene, too!

Black people never committed this kind of community-rejoicing violence against whites -/ with the underlying reasoning behind being, “well, it’s a ni99er.” White people of the era didn’t treat dogs this bad. And while that “era” is gone, it’s vey difficult to erase this communal mindset and way of perceiving Black — that we can string the up like dogs. And the fear that lynching instilled in Black people all across the nation extended far beyond the end of Jim Crow (that’s part of Trickle Down Slave Theory).

As far as I know, cities and townships and parishes not once broke off the relatives of Negroes who were lynched compensation for the lose of life and the pain & suffering the family experienced. Have any of these lynching zones even expressed apologies to the families and descendants?

Excluded Because Of Race

The true bold face of White Privelege is put on full display by these mid-century marketing tools.

In don’t know of any “No Whites Allowed” signs, and one were put up during the heyday of this bullshit, Whites would roll up into those places and kick some ass for even thinking they could prevent Whites from taking what they damn well please.

By and large White people don’t identify with any kind of ethnic group, so asking them to do so is pretty much incongruent with their thought patterns

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Victory for Plan B

A New York State judge ruled that the morning after pill, known as Plan B, must be available with restriction.

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Yawn…. two MORE Suicide by Gun Rampages

Home collection

Check it out – a home(!) collection

TWO MORE gun-violence kill sprees in the last couple of days — the Thrill Kill Couple in Las Vegas and now this morning another white male teen “who can’t take it anymore” bucks down his fellow kids at a high school in Troutdale, Oregon (I’m not going to name any of these chumps).

At this point, I’m practically numb to “breaking news story” of Suicide By Gun Rampage… after the Newtown Shootings in December of 2012, you have thought there would be some tightening and more stringent reinforcement of gun control laws (particularly for registered mentally ill individuals), but NOPE!

Any politician who gets up on the mic and laments these kills is sick, duplicitous jackass, but NOT ONE OF THEM is really trying to do something about gun violence in America. Because they can’t, America is a Gun Culture (matched by the likes of The Philippines).

The NRA has won the propaganda war and offered unconditional surrender terms to the gun control advocates, who have capitulated completely.

I’m not going to hold my breath until the next Suicide By Gun Rampage rolls across the CNN news ticker.

See you at the Gun Show this weekend!



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The Fix IS In, Part Two of a Series

tumblr_n0ux9p3hOP1qc6j5yo1_500Wealth inequality is the GOP’s national economic policy.

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Defending Same Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court has finally heard the arguments on whether to uphold or strike down California’s Proposition 8, which bans gay & lesbian marriage in Californa. The repercussions will be felt across the nation come summer when the SCOTUS issues its ruling.

The opponents to same sex marriage are primarily the religious right; those self-styled chumps who use the Bible to dictate their thoughts on how not just they should live, but how you and I should live as well. The Bible has many a verse that decries and damns homosexual activity… And with good reason, because Religious fanatics believe that sex should only be about procreation, and sex for other means is deemed wicked in the eyes of not just God, but most specifically and acutely “His” church.

These people should all forced their women to undergo female circumcision. And Michelle Bachman needs to be first in line.

Anything that has a religious root to its argument pretty much has no business in shaping laws or social morays in the modern era. You base a legal argument on a verse of Scripture and you’re trying to skirt around the separation of church and state component to the Constitution. Think about it, the church is the one that has told you homosexuality is wrong and you’re being its undeclared proxy when arguing in accordance with a religious doctrine.

The Purpose of Marriage

One of the things that comes up all the time when same sex marriage is debated is the purpose of marriage, and it gets defined as a sacred union between a man and a woman. But that’s not the case. It can be for certain marriages, but its hardly true in a country with a higher than 50% divorce rate.

In days gone by, marriage was a covenant between a man and his father-in-law to determine the disposition of property when the father-in-law died. It was also a means to control women from having children with multiple partners, so the children could be provided for and raised by an identifiable father (and force upon him a sense of responsibility for his off-spring, which he could disregard or deny if he wasn’t married).

However, we all know that throughout history all the way up to the present day, far too many men treat their children like shit and don’t raise them right. There are a lot of deadbeat fathers, so marriage (and then divorce) doesn’t guarantee that the man will be a proper father. The courts have laid down rules and penalties about this – and this could be applied to divorced same sex parents as well, should they have children together and then split up.

The argument that marriage is deigned in part to ensure that children are raised by both the mother and father is foolish, because look at the number of divorced households that then result in single-parents raising the kid(s) with no help or help that is begrudgingly given through court order.

Another “purpose” of marriage is to be a legal contract to enable the woman to have rights to the man’s property and money. Ask any man who has been through a divorce how fair the courts are in terms of dividing up the so-called joint property. Unless you live in a no fault state and have a mutual agreement between the spouses, the man gets sodomized by the woman and her lawyer the vast majority of the time.

Marriage is a legal contract that also affords you certain rights under the Federal government, and these are nearly all financial in nature (e.g. filing joint tax returns or receiving. Social security benefits) and these can and should be extended to same sex couples as well.

The Civil Rights Aspect

The 1950s and 60s ushered in changes to Society that should have been in put in place by the Constitution, but the overhyped Founding Fathers refused to deal with core issues and kicked the can down the road (thus laying the groundwork for the Civil War when the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution was ratified – thanks a heap, guys!).

The problem with race relations is core to the country, and Black people who helped build this country as slaves, were instrumental in redeeming it through the Civil Rights movement. The Women’s Movement and the advancement of all other protected class came about because Blacks took beatings, dog bitings and water cannons for US ALL.

It’s disingenuous to preclude homosexuals from getting their just due, as they get discriminated against the same way as women and disabled people do (nothing compares to the adverse treatment Blacks get though).

It’s going to be a few months until we know how all this shakes out, but if Prop 8 is upheld and same sex marriage is banned, then there’s another reason why the GOP have fucked this country no only over the past 40 years but over the coming 40 as well.

Trampling State’s Rights

There are something like 1100 rules and statutes that will be affected if same sex marriage is deemed legal in California, because of how it bleeds into federal law and benefits. Marriage, as a legal binding contract and status, is defined by the states, so if the SCOTUS strikes down Proposition 8, thus leading the pathway to same-sex marriage… it’s basically the Feds trampling on States’ Rights, and that’s something that the GOP, in particular, won’t like. What many people probably fear is that if the SCOTUS  overrules States’ Rights in this issue, it will set the precedence for more hobbling of States’ Rights. So this factor alone might be reason enough for the SCOTUS to punt on this case thus going back to the latest ruling, which was the California Court of Appeals ruling which I believe struck down Prop 8 (there is controversy, because the judge in that case revealed that he was gay and then didn’t recuse himself).

What happens next does have everyone sitting on pins and needles…

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